Water Quality Monitoring for Tanks, Ponds and Raceways

Aqua Farming’s Competitive Advantage with Aquasend Technology

Water quality management is the most important part of all aquaculture farming since it is affected by several variables and can drastically affect the quality of fish crop produced. Aquaculture is the future of the sustainable seafood industry and Aquasend’s modern water quality monitoring devices help farmers maintain control and profitability of their farms.



Value of the Aquasend Beacon® to Ponds

  • Alerts and alarms help prevent fish kills
  • Improve feed conversions
  • Support Healthy Growth Rates
  • Reduce costs

To maintain operating fishponds, the primary asset must be protected: water quality. Water temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are critical environmental factors for determining the success of ponds. If fluctuations in temperature and dissolved oxygen are not accounted for, this can lead to overpopulation decreasing the fish survival rate due to low oxygen levels.

The Aquasend Beacon® is designed for outdoor aqua ponds to measure water quality data from DO and temperature levels and sends the recorded data back to the online portal. The Beacon buoy is also programed to alert aqua farmers upon unsafe levels. Alerts are sent by either texts, emails or voice messages.

Customers can receive alerts for the following parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Oxygen Concentration
  • Beacon Battery Voltage

Value of the Aquasend Beacon® to Ponds

  • Alerts and alarms help prevent fish kills
  • Improve feed conversions
  • Support Healthy Growth Rates
  • Reduce costs


Tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether tanks are indoor or outdoor it is essential to know the oxygen and temperature levels of these structures. Consistent water quality monitoring can ensure the safety of fish and prevent costly problems. The Aquasend Beacon® offers real-time water quality monitoring for tanks to determine safe tank capacities.

Risks Avoided in Tanks with the Beacon

  • Overstocking
  • Excess feeding cost
  • Low fish survival rates
  • Sporadic water quality levels



Raceways rely on a high-water flow and are relatively shallow in proportion to their volume in order to sustain aquatic life. This means raceways frequently require higher volumes of moving water compared to other fish habitats common in the aquaculture industry. Aqua farmers utilizing raceways and their high demand of water volume and quality should be aware of potential obstacles posed to operational maintenance.

Benefits of the Beacon’s Real-Time Data in Raceways

  • Improved overall product quality
  • Faster crop growth
  • Increased livability
  • Optimal feeding rates

Aquatic Transport

No matter the fish species being transported, from largemouth bass to tilapia or even sturgeon, it is crucial to maintain proper oxygen levels and temperature when traveling with live fish. Each fish species has unique habitat requirements most often revolving around dissolved oxygen levels and temperature.

How the miniDOT® Clear Logger Optimizes Fish Transportation for Successful Delivery

  • Quick access to data
  • Customizable time and sample intervals
  • Dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements
  • Records and displays real-time data measurements throughout the entire transport
  • Constantly monitors water quality