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Software as a Service

Aquasend’s software designed specifically for the Beacon allows aqua farmers the ability to monitor and record key data points to manage their farm’s water quality in real time. The software connects to the Aquasend Beacon® and records data to a personalized portal, giving the user instant access on mobile or desktop devices. 

Beacon users have the ability to customize portal settings and alerts to meet their farm’s unique needs, allowing ponds to be monitored remotely from the portal with instant alerts and easy-to-read reporting.


Daily DO Checks (per Beacon)


Daily Data Points


Worldwide Locations

Saas Technology

The Aquasend Beacon® allows users to choose one of two types of Gateway options: ethernet or cellular. Aquasend will work with your team to determine which Gateway is best for your farm based on location, internet access and other variables. While operating, the Beacon is programmed to send measurements on a regular schedule determined by the user, typically a measurement every 10 minutes. Aquasend’s software transfers recorded data from the gateway to the online cloud where it is accessed by the user portal for instant viewing.

Online Portal

Each farm will create an account via the Aquasend Portal. Upon visiting, portal login can be accessed easily from the homepage. Users will then be logged into the Aquasend Portal and see their farm and Aquasend Beacons® information displayed. The online portal stores 30 days of data, per Beacon installed. The data file can hold all measurements collected by the Beacon to provide aqua farms insight to their ponds historical data and overall longevity.

The online portal offers:

  • GPS map of Beacons on farms.
  • Track your Beacons and data points on the map.
  • Adjustable alert thresholds.
  • Ability to review 3 data points recorded by Beacon.
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Contact a Beacon Product Specialist to Review all Data Points Monitored
Alerts and Alarms

Beacon users have the ability to customize portal settings and DO alerts to meet their farm’s unique needs, allowing ponds to be monitored and offering farmers peace of mind. Aquasend’s most recent software development includes adjustable oxygen concentration alerts that allow users to set minimum levels for alert per Beacon installed on their farm. Alerts are sent by either texts, emails or voice messages. Customers can receive alerts for the following parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Oxygen Concentration
  • Beacon Battery Voltage
The Aquasend Beacon®
Plot Program

The Aquasend Beacon® Plot Program software can analyze all data collected to identify long-term trends of ponds. The software can plot up to 28 different data points including temperature, oxygen concentration and saturation, solar change state, tilt and battery to name a few. The plotting program pulls data directly from the cloud server and stores it in each Beacon’s data file. Users can download all recorded data by saving the data file from the Beacon.


Aquasend provides quality SaaS technology at a budget friendly value to our customers. With a monthly fee per Beacon, users gain access to Aquasend’s real-time monitoring data + software allowing farms better data management, while offering storage of all Beacon data.

Aquasend Portal Data shown on computer desktop

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