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Aquasend: Committed to Sustainability

At Aquasend, our mission and values guide our commitment to be an industry leader while providing innovative technology for sustainable growth. Aquasend is dedicated to helping farmers and leaders worldwide manage production more efficiently and affordably across varied segments of the aquatic industry.   

"As aquaculture grows to become an important sustainable food source, it’s our goal to support this industry with data and solutions. Aquasend collaborates with our customers to provide effective aquatic management while protecting the environment and minimizing our environmental footprint. We execute our work by optimizing water quality and water systems to become more resilient to climate change impacts, as well as other harsh challenges.”


Advancing Sustainability

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Our goals guide our sustainability efforts. Aquasend is focused on Sustainability, Scalability and Simplicity. As a purpose-driven company, Aquasend is creating economic value for our customers, researchers and employees. The safety and quality of aquaculture products around the world are directly impacted by water quality. Aqua farmers are using Aquasend products to monitor and enhance successful growth rates of the world’s top farm-raised fish species.

Our Sustainability Goals Include:

  • Optimize water quality for fish farms to support quality and nutritious food.
  • Create products that reduce waste, improve productivity and overall process.
  • Ensure long-lasting product performance to maximize value and minimize waste.
  • Allow researchers to better gauge water parameters and the impacts of pollution and climate change.
  • Provide sensors and monitoring devices which promote environmental understanding and knowledge.

Our Colleagues

The Aquasend team is comprised of driven innovators with a passion for advancing our commitment to sustainability. As a company, we are firmly devoted to advancing not only our own sustainability goals, but also those of our customers. By focusing on the production of high-performance products utilizing advanced technology, the Aquasend team creates solutions that address the most difficult aquaculture issues while significantly reducing our customers’ emissions and supporting their sustainability efforts.

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Serving Our Customers

Aquasend has long prided itself on the ability to help customers achieve immediate, significant and lasting emissions reductions. With decades of experience, our commitment to sustainability drives us to further improve upon existing and developing concepts. Aquasend’s approach to sustainability is centered around:

  • Providing customers with innovative aquatic monitoring devices
  • Ensuring the health and profitability of aqua farms and products
  • Increasing aqua farm productivity while reducing overall operating energy
  • Decreasing power consumption
  • Ensuring healthy water conditions
  • Decreasing maintenance and labor costs

Aquasend’s goal is to transform the global aqua farming industry with products that continuously monitor and improve water quality in the largest and smallest aqua farms. Utilizing our innovative technology, Aquasend is helping customers achieve their sustainability goals while advancing sustainability in aqua farms around the world.