Beacon installation in raceway

Aquasend Beacon® at Global Organic Farm, Inc.

PRODUCT(S) Aquasend Beacon®


PARAMETER Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature

LOCATION Desert Center, California

ORGANIZATION Global Organic Farm, Inc.

Real-Time Data, Real-Time Control

Deploying an Aquasend Beacon® is a great first step toward taking control of the water quality in aquafarm ponds and, by extension, the health of the fish. In order to have a successful farm you have to protect your most important asset: your water quality. Designed for outdoor aquafarm pond use, the Beacon measures dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature (T), the two most important factors in water quality. It sends real-time data to an online portal and alerts the fish farmer when DO and T readings approach unsafe levels.

Water temperature changes fairly slowly. DO, by contrast, is the most dynamic variable in aquafarming water quality; levels can change from optimal to lethal in a matter of hours, sometimes in minutes. Real-time data, such as that provided by the Beacon, can literally be a life saver. If the farmer is alerted to changing DO levels, aeration strategies can be deployed, rescuing both water quality and fish. Aeration is not difficult to deploy but the response time required for successful aeration is short, making rapid and reliable monitoring crucial.

For optimum results with the Beacon, fish farmers can calibrate and adjust, based on the unique qualities of their ponds. Calibration and adjustment are easy with the Beacon and can be done remotely.

Aquasend Beacon® Installed at Global Organic Farm, Inc.

Global Organic Farm, Inc., an aquaculture farm in Desert Center, CA, owned and operated by Gwan Thio, recently deployed an Aquasend Beacon.

The initial deployment consisted of one buoy in one pond. In cases where more than one buoy is deployed, all units can be mesh networked and connected to the cloud. Each buoy is solar and battery powered, equipped with GPS positioning and radio and cell connectivity. An anti-fouling wiper prevents the growth of algae and other organisms on the unit, ensuring continued, accurate operation. Bird spikes prevent unwanted landings.

The buoy was deployed with default settings: a 10-minute sample rate, 4 hours between wipes, alarm at 3 mg/L, 15 second fresh pump time.

Shortly after deployment, the wiper was changed from every four hours to every hour, in response to pond conditions. Later, the interval was decreased to every 30 minutes, again in response to local conditions.

Continuously Monitored Water Quality

Thio was excited about the real-time data and control enabled by the buoy. “The Aquasend Beacon® is must-have equipment for fish farmers who want to have the most current data of their ponds’ water quality. This device will notify the farm manager when the oxygen or temperature is below the set threshold, saving the farm thousands of dollars’ loss from a full pond of dead fish.”

Thio recognizes the unit’s potential. “It’s very convenient to know the real-time temperature and DO of the water,” he said. “The warning system is very helpful. So is being able to change the settings wirelessly.”

Product Description

The Aquasend Beacon® is designed for outdoor aquafarming ponds to record water quality data, specifically dissolved oxygen levels and temperature, and send that data to an online portal. The buoy is programmed to alert the farm manager when levels become unsafe.

Buoys can communicate with other buoys in a mesh-networked arrangement across long distances. The buoy is anti-fouling, solar-powered, and rugged for all weather and intense farming environments. Alerts and alarms keep the farm manager informed on changing water conditions. Visible exterior LED lights flash green and red for on-site visibility of alert status and water conditions.

Learn more about how Aquasend has taken thirty years of global research technology and made it available to your local aquafarm.