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Transmitting Data: The Importance of Telemetry in Water Quality Monitoring and SaaS

Water quality monitoring in aqua-farming ponds, tanks and raceways is made easy by utilizing telemetry systems. These systems are vital in accessing data in real-time. Telemetry works by automatically sensing and measuring data, then remotely transmitting the collected data to a centralized location. The process allows users to supervise their pond’s conditions from any location, making telemetry a convenient and efficient tool for water monitoring in real-time.

Aquasend, a division of Precision Measurement Engineering (PME), has designed the Aquasend Beacon® to sense water quality data of dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature and a total of 28 different data points in real-time. The Beacon uses telemetry systems to record data that is sent to a personalized online portal, giving instant access to farmers no matter how far away they are from their Beacon.

Benefits & Advantages of Telemetry Systems

Time Saved

When farmers and researchers do not have telemetry systems in place, they must manually collect and update their pond conditions, which costs valuable employee time, as well as sacrificing time needed to address detrimental water quality issues. With automatic and remote data collection systems, it is easy to access farm status while maintaining a flexible schedule. The time saved from traveling to pond, tank and other locations to manually observe water conditions improves overall operational efficiency while increasing aquafarm productivity by decreasing maintenance and labor costs.

Simple and Easy-To-Use Software

Telemetry permits effortless data collection for farmers connected to the centralized portal. All recorded data is stored in one place, helping farmers keep their data organized and readily available for ongoing evaluation. Recorded data is instantly transferred to the farmers’ online portal, with access to their data as it becomes available online. Beacon users have the ability to customize portal settings and alerts to meet their farm’s unique needs.

Long Term Savings

There are many key components to managing any aquafarm, a main focus being keeping operational expenses low. Operating costs typically include energy, feed, labor, maintenance, equipment and transportation. Without regular water quality monitoring, accomplishing a healthy and sustainable aquafarm is extremely challenging and can result in significant losses. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) describes “smart fish farming” as maintaining cost-effective operations and sustainable development by using digital monitoring in aquaculture field locations.

Over time and with further technological advancements, aquaculture operations will see an increase in productivity and profit. Through remote monitoring software, aquafarmers will be able to quickly catch any irregularities and address the problem before it causes catastrophic damage to their aquafarm ponds and livestock. The Aquasend Beacon® adds value to aquafarms by sending alerts to help prevent fish loss, improve feed conversions, supporting healthy growth rates and reducing costs overall.

Telemetry and Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a type of software in which users can access data applications through the cloud or internet. Telemetry and SaaS go hand-in-hand as recurrent, remotely recorded data from telemetry is automatically uploaded to the cloud. This gives users instant access to their farm’s water quality levels. The Beacon’s online portal stores 30 days of data, per Beacon installed. The data file can hold all measurements collected by the Beacon to provide aquafarms insight to their pond’s historical data and overall longevity.

Features of the Beacon portal include:

  • Adjustable oxygen concentration alerts
  • Alerts via text, email and voice message
  • Stores 30 days of data per Beacon
  • Ability to review 3 data points recorded by Beacon
  • GPS map of Beacons on farms
  • Track Beacons and data on the map

The combination of telemetry and Aquasend’s Software makes the Beacon a desirable option for aquafarmers when deciding the best way to monitor their farms. Eliminate worry of unsafe or undesirable water conditions since they will be monitored regularly and uploaded to their Aquasend portal. The Aquasend Beacon® gives farmers the competitive advantage to strengthen water quality, ensure farm’s livestock is healthy and increase their profitability.

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