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Aquasend Selected for HATCH Blue Accelerator 6.0 Program


October 19, 2023


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Aquasend Selected for HATCH Blue Accelerator 6.0 Program 

Vista, Calif. (October 19, 2023) Aquasend, a brand of Precision Measurement Engineering (PME), is pleased to announce its participation in the HATCH Blue Accelerator 6.0 program. HATCH Blue is a global catalyst for a climate-smart, truly sustainable and just (sea)food transition.

The Accelerator 6.0 program is an international masterclass over 14 weeks designed to scale sustainable solutions in the blue economy for U.S. based companies. Founders will work with world-leading experts and connect with industry investors, farmers and talent with stops in Norway, Hawaii, Vietnam and Singapore. From aquaculture to alternative seafood, marine biotechnology to blue carbon sectors, HATCH Blue will bring participants on 12 farm and site visits across the globe to connect with the industry experts.

Participants receive initial investment with the potential for follow-on investment from HATCH Blue and HATCH Blue invested $300,000 as a pre-seed investment for PME and Aquasend.

Founded in 2017, HATCH Blue has funded 43 companies through the program with 60% raising more funding which has built HATCH Blue’s portfolio to more than 100 million dollars.

“The Aquasend and PME teams are ecstatic to partner with HATCH Blue and join the Accelerator 6.0 program. We look forward to better understanding the international needs of aqua farmers and collaborate to define innovative technologies. Our synergistic goal of providing this industry with real-time water quality monitoring devices and forecasted data analysis is aligned to propel value to our customers and beyond,” Kristin Elliott, Aquasend CEO and PME President and CEO.

Aquasend provides high-performance instruments and software to continuously monitor water properties for inland aquaculture farmers, coastal applications as well as transportation of live animals. Real-time management of water quality parameters can ensure adequate oxygen ranges are being maintained to support optimal conditions for healthy feed schedules, solid growth rates and improved efficiencies. Aquasend helps aquafarmers efficiently and affordably manage production by providing innovative technology that integrates water sensors, continuous real-time monitors and alerts.

The Aquasend team is eager to begin this program and make a lasting impact through innovative and sustainable solutions that solve real problems in the industry. The possibilities are endless with this mentorship program and Aquasend are greatly looking forward to engaging with industry experts and increasing knowledge of international aquaculture needs.


About Aquasend

In 2019, Aquasend was born in the R&D labs of its parent company, Precision Measurement Engineering (PME). Researchers began testing oxygen-sensing and water quality equipment with aqua farm managers. Aquasend’s newest product, the Aquasend Beacon, provides aquaculture farmers with tools and continuous reporting in order to instantly manage dissolved oxygen and temperature levels. Follow Aquasend on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and visit to learn more.

About PME

PME was founded in research institutions 40 years ago and we continue to partner with them today, developing new technologies in R&D settings to support public and commercial research organizations. Our mission is to provide research institutions with affordable instruments and software that accurately and reliably measure, collect and analyze water properties for both fresh and saltwater research. We believe innovation begins with the real needs of our research partners. Follow PME on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube and visit to learn more.

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