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From Aquaculture to Aquaponics: A Changing Industry

Aquaculture to Aquaponics

We are all familiar with the term aquaculture, but have you heard of aquaponics? Wisconsin farmers at Superior Fresh are putting a new twist on traditional aquaculture practices by combining them with hydroponics. To put it simply, these farmers have developed a closed loop system to recycle fish waste as well as the water their fish are raised in to grow fresh produce in greenhouses.

The certified organic facility, made up of a 250,000 square-foot greenhouse and 1-acre fish farm, is dedicated to maintaining its water-sustaining zero discharge. Between the greenhouse and the fish farm there is 99 percent water recirculation. So, what about the other 1 percent? It is used to irrigate onsite alfalfa fields which are also fertilized with fish and greenhouse waste. This closed loop circuit has set the stage for a much more sustainable food source for the future.

A More Efficient Food Source

At Superior Fresh it takes only 1.1 pounds of fish feed to amount to 1 pound of salmon. That might not seem like a revelation, but when compared to other meats, this feed conversion ratio is amazing.



Type of Meat Feed Input Meat Output
Salmon 1 pound 1.1 pounds
Poultry 3 pounds 1 pound
Pork 5 pounds 1 pound
Beef 10 pounds 1 pound




In addition to the 1.1 pounds of salmon meat produced for every 1 pound of feed, the facility takes the nutrient-dense water the salmon was raised in to grow another 10 pounds of fresh produce in their greenhouse.

In total, 1 pound of fish feed results in 10 to 11 pounds of salmon meat and produce, making this facility a much more efficient process and food source than other popular meats grown in the area.

Aquasend is the Solution

Whether you’re taking on more traditional aquaculture practices or you’re out to change the industry, Aquasend can meet your real-time water quality monitoring needs at an affordable price. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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