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Join Aquasend at the 2022 Aquaculture Show in San Diego

San Diego Aquaculture Show

Join Aquasend at Aquaculture 2022 from February 28 to March 4. In 2022, the Triennial Aquaculture Show returns to our home state of California. Join the Aquasend team in San Diego for the largest Aquaculture meeting in the world. At this show we will be hosting informational activities, co-sponsoring a hatchery tour and introducing The Aquasend Beacon® to the aquaculture industry.

Come See What We’re Up to at Booth #430

Tuesday, March 1st 10am – 6pm
Wednesday, March 2nd 10am – 6pm
Thursday, March 3rd 10am – 1:30pm

We are looking forward to meeting aquaculture farmers and researchers alike, to provide the best-quality monitoring systems for your fisheries, ponds and hatcheries around the world.

Monday, February 28th: LEON RAYMOND, JR., MARINE FISH HATCHERY TOUR:  Sponsored by Aquasend

Aquasend is a proud sponsor of a behind the scenes tour of the Leon Raymond, Jr., Marine Fish Hatchery, located in Carlsbad, California. This unique Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute facility, which was built in 1995, is the home base for their white seabass stock enhancement program. Tour participants will see all aspects of this working marine fish hatchery including broodstock holding, early larval rearing and juvenile production systems, as well as tagging operations.

2 Sessions

Number of Guests: Up to 54

Duration: 3.5 hours (9:00am – 12:30pm) and (12:30PM – 4:00PM)

Price: $75 per person

Click here to learn more

Meet and Greet with the Aquasend Team

During Aquaculture 2022, Aquasend will be hosting meetings with farmers and researchers in our booth to learn more about your farms and projects, identify needs and offer solutions from Aquasend’s product line. Schedule a Meeting or just drop by our booth to learn more.

Introducing The Aquasend Beacon®

Stop by our booth to learn more about The Aquasend Beacon®. The Beacon is designed for aqua farm ponds, tanks and raceways to sense water-quality data from dissolved oxygen levels and temperature (DOT) and send it back to our online portal. The buoy is also programmed to alert you upon unsafe levels.

Farm Research Program

Have a farm in California? Interested in how the Beacon works? Take it for a test-drive.
Sign-up to participate in our farm research program. The Aquasend team selects farms each year to test the Beacon for R&D purposes and gather data. The farmer utilizes the Beacon and the online portal or via mobile device to see data in real time. Schedule a meeting or just drop by our booth to learn more about our farm research program.

Interested but not attending the Show? Email Chandler Smith to learn more.

MiniDOT® Clear Logger Giveaway

Visit Aquasend at booth #430 and enter to win a MiniDOT® Clear Logger (Valued at over $1200)

The miniDOT Clear is a great way for aqua farmers to implement Aquasend’s innovative technology. Its clear casing offers real-time data monitoring in-person. Its transparent, compact design makes it easy to transport and quick to deploy.

What is the miniDOT Clear?

The miniDOT® Clear Logger is a completely submersible instrument that logs dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements and has an internal LCD screen, which displays real-time measurements. The oxygen sensor is an optode that measures dissolved oxygen concentration in water through a fluorescence method. Data are recorded to an internal SD card. Operation of the miniDOT® Clear Logger such as setting the time and sample interval can be accomplished via the USB cable.

To enter to win a miniDOT Clear of your own, just toss your business card into our giveaway bowl at booth #430. Make sure your business card has your name, company, phone number and email address. If you are interested in entering but do not have a business card, feel free to fill out an information slip provided at the booth.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in-person in our home state at Aquaculture 2022.

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