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Aquasend Launches the Aquasend Beacon™

Aquasend Beacon

Aquasend Launches the Aquasend Beacon™

Aqua Farmers Can Increase Yields, Save Energy, Lower Labor Costs

San Diego, CA (February 8, 2020): Aquasend, a company revolutionizing the aqua farming industry, is proud to announce the release of its first product, the Aquasend Beacon. The Beacon buoy provides a continuous check and balance system for aqua farmers to monitor the water quality of outdoor ponds or indoor tanks. The buoy provides real-time measurements of dissolved oxygen and temperature to monitor even the harshest aquatic environment to ensure a healthy aqua ecosystem.

The Beacon analyzes water quality and acts as an alarm by sending an alert to a farmer’s mobile device if a problem is detected. The solar powered buoy features oxygen and temperature sensors with integrated anti-fouling wipers for long-lasting data collection that does not require calibration for 12 to 18 months.

Aquasend was born in the research and development labs of Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc., a premier manufacturer of freshwater and oceanographic research devices, who is applying 30 years of research-driven water quality innovation with a focus on aqua farms.

“We have been innovating this product for the aquaculture community for many years in response to industry demands, and are thrilled with the final product offering that requires minimal maintenance as well as decreases labor costs and power consumption,” said Aquasend Founder and CEO Kristin Elliott.

The Beacon collects data once per minute to ensure water quality is at its best, and sends the information to a user when changes are detected. The software includes a Smart Sensor Technology™ that checks its own calibration health with every measurement to ensure accurate data. It also allows an aquaculture farmer to:

  • View all ponds or tanks in current conditions
  • Monitor water quality 24/7
  • Provide historical data and efficiency records

“The Aquasend Beacon is must-have equipment for fish farmers who want to have the most current data of their ponds’ water quality,” said Global Organic Farm Inc. Owner Gwan Thio. “The device will notify the farm manager when the oxygen or temperature is below the set threshold, saving the farm thousands of dollars’ loss from a full pond of dead fish. It’s very convenient to know the real-time temperature and DO of the water, the warning system is very helpful, as is being able to change the settings wirelessly.”

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About Aquasend

Aquasend provides aqua farmers with revolutionary technology, communications and management. The unique business model supports farmers to implement 24/7 water quality monitoring at an affordable price. The technology allows the farmer to increase production and minimize unnecessary labor and maintenance costs. For more information, visit

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