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Aquasend Beacon™ Ready for the Market 

SeafoodSource Interview with Kristin Elliott

In a recent interview with SeafoodSource, Aquasend’s founder and CEO, Kristin Elliott, discussed the launch of our first product, the Aquasend Beacon, which was unveiled earlier this year at Aquaculture America in Hawaii. 

The Beacon is designed for outdoor aqua-farming ponds to sense water-quality data from dissolved oxygen levels and temperature (DOT), and send it to the online portal. The buoy acts as an alarm for aqua farms, programmed to alert farmers to unsafe levels so they can take action to safeguard their crops. 

“Farmers can understand how to maintain oxygen or maybe increase productivity. By maintaining this oxygen, they can see what their ponds can support, and they can minimize the amount of time their guys are out there analyzing oxygen. There are a lot of analytics and a lot we can understand just from looking at the data these farms produce.”

– Kristin Elliott, CEO

When used together, buoys can communicate with each other in a mesh-networked arrangement across long distances. The Beacon, at this time primarily focused on delivering reliable monitoring for land-based farms, is also capable of supporting coastal applications, such as oyster farms.  It is currently being tested by select aqua farms to provide data and case studies for farmers looking for an automated monitoring solution.  

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re ramping up our remote operations to support aquafarms who are essential to feeding their nations. Read the full SeafoodSource article here or contact us at to secure a pre-order Beacon for your farm.

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