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International Aquafeed Features the Aquasend Beacon™

International Aquafeed features Beacon

While attending Aquaculture America 2020 in Hawaii earlier this year, Aquasend CEO, Kristin Elliott, had the chance to speak with Roger Gilbert of  International Aquafeed about the new Aquasend Beacon™

Make Real-time Decisions with Real-time Data

The Aquasend buoy sensor system is designed to arm aqua farmers with real-time oxygen and temperature data to make real-time decisions. The solar-powered buoy provides continuous monitoring that is transmitted to a personalized online portal to give farmers instant visibility to their data points. Monitoring their farms more efficiently from their computers, phones, or tablets helps them save money on labor costs, produce a higher yield, and gives them the ability to react to oxygen shortages in moments.

International Aquafeed Interview

Watch the interview and hear Kristin Elliott describe the Aquasend Beacon and its practical applications in the aqua farming industry which helps farmers safeguard their crops and bottom line.

Give Your Farm a Breath of Fresh Air

The Aquasend Beacon has been in development for six years and is backed by 30 years of aquatic technology research by Precision Measurement Engineering. Learn more about Aquasend or pre-order your Aquasend Beacon to bring a breath of fresh air to your aqua farm today!

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